Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heavy Metal Comedy

David Brodsky of MyGoodEye music visuals
Whoever knew death metal could be so funny? A group of us found out on Main Street in Mountaindale on Sunday as we pushed the limit on every vaudville type gag we could think of during the video shoot for the popular heavy metal band, Revocation. The production company in charge of this project was our good friends at MyGoodEye. David Brodsky and his talented crew have been coming to Mountaindale to shoot music videos in a number of our buildings for quite a few years now. It's always a treat when they come and wonderful to see some of the award winning videos after they are finished and released to the public.

Patiently awaiting their cue, already in make up
When they come, they usually bring their own professional team for lighting, sound, make up, and extras. However, this particular project required some mature extras who could look like audience members at a musical performance in the day room of a nursing home.  The plot of the video is that it is the future and the adorable guys of Revocation never stopped rocking and they are now doing a reunion show while in their eighties.  Allison Woest, the producer gave me an exciting task.  She told me I could invite some of my friends to be extras on the nursing home set. I was pretty thrilled because my friends include Carol Montana, editor of the Catskill Chronicle, and the actress/producer who brought "A Coupla White Chicks" to this same venue in Mountaindale a few years ago. My other friends include seasoned actors who are members of the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop like Ellen Pavloff, Tom DelFavero & Richard Topper. Several other local pals rounded out our little cast. Everyone were great sports and participated in fun bits like playing air guitar with their canes, flirting with the "senior citizen" band, and Rich Topper was willing to do multiple takes as a dirty old man who grabs his young, pretty nurse's behind. Poor guy! All of our little stunts were so funny, it was hard to keep a straight face.  We can hardly wait for SCION to release this video next month. I will update the link on this site when it does. ROCK ON!

October Update - And heeeeere's the video

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  1. Great story, Barb! Shooting the video was so much fun. I was honored to be involved. The actors and crew were so professional and appreciative. Can't wait for the next one.

    Carol Montana